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Fresh clothing is your Indian interface in manufacturing and developing all your clothing needs. We are a culmination of decades of experience in the fora of International Buying. At Fresh Clothing, we understand the nuances of each client’s requirement. Coupled with those of quality and a stringent adherence to schedules, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the Local Indian Markets.


Fresh clothing was conceived as an effort of passion and years of experience in developing a vision to highlight and embolden – as human beings, our values toward the clothes we produce. As a company, we strive to credit the smallest stitch with an enormous significance in creating quality garments. We believe that each stitch represents a story of a laborious and passion-filled journey, of men and women through history – in creating what we wear today. Our vision is to uplift the lives and heritage of our craftsmen’ by producing garments of and by the highest standards of quality.


Our intentions at Fresh Clothing are to provide our clients with quality manufactured clothing. We provide exceptional service in doing so by being absolutely transparent in our working. We value integrity above all and are very passionate in what we do.


Our planet is in a dire condition and we at Fresh Clothing take this very seriously and are working to create a positive impact. A portion of our proceeds from all our manufacturing of sustainable, organic clothing goes back into efforts of rejuvenating our environment.


We deal in fair trade practices and follow all international guidelines in ensuring the well-being of our employees by guaranteeing the compliance of our factories under all major regulatory agencies.

Order placement

Reach out to us with any queries or prospective orders here.

Once we have confirmed your design and business order, we place an order with reputed vendors who have the requisite experience in the handling and styling of the desired fabrics used to produce the clothing.

Fresh Clothing also assists these vendors in sourcing fabric from appropriate mills – to ensure adherence to quality standards and delivery schedules. 

We will relay with you these physical samples our vendors provide us to confirm the quality and print of the fabric.

A comprehensive production plan is then compiled in conjunction with mill deliveries and factory capacity, which is then executed for the client, thus, enabling a detailed overview of progress.

Fresh Clothing sends weekly status report on all orders placed, covering fabric, sampling and trim approvals, production status and delivery.

We work with a lead time of 90 days – from the day the order is confirmed until its completion. An additional amount of time will be utilised in shipping the consignment in accordance with the mode of delivery selected by the client. We work with a minimum of 800 pieces per style

Our Services

  • Fresh Clothing manufactures and exports finished clothing to anywhere in the world. We also provide comprehensive services in designing and developing garments.
  • We have precise and effective systems in place that equips our staff to track and deliver products to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • We work with myriad of fabrics to cater to nearly every clothing need and produce clothing for all genders and ages.
  • Our systems are geared to identify process glitches and incorporate contingencies, so that our clients can benefit from this at the earliest stages.
  • Fresh Clothing keeps the client abreast on new fabric and developments. A collection of fabric and garments is sent to our clients every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season.
  • We provide holistic assistance to our clients in understanding India’s colourful, multifaceted patchwork – and in managing each of their detailed requirements.


Most frequent questions and answers

Fresh Clothing was established in 1997.

We export worldwide. We produce a variety of sizes to cater to various countries.

We work with a lead time of 90 days from the day the order is placed until its completion. Additionally, an amount of time will be utilised in delivering the consignment to its final destination in accordance with our clients’ desired mode of delivery.

We work with a minimum of 800 pieces per style.

There is no limit to the amount of pieces that can be produced once the required fabric has been sourced.

We provide you with samples once you’ve reached out to us and have confirmed a prospective business order.

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